South Africa is not Bee-friendly: Beekeepers’ challenges.

Managing beehives in South Africa today is a big challenge. Besides the need to maintain sites that have enough food for our bees (never mind enough food to provide a honey crop), our next biggest issue is Hive security.


Recently we’ve seen examples of vandalism in the press. Hives have been kicked over, burnt, and destroyed. This is unfathomable – to think that someone would purposely cause this much destruction is mind-boggling. Beekeepers have had their businesses destroyed because of these criminal acts. 


South Africa is not a bee-friendly country. The uncontrol eradication of our flora is rampant. All under the guise of development, alien eradication, and job creation. However, when forests of Eucalyptus are destroyed and nothing is planted in their place, one has to question the motivation behind the eradication. There is no doubt that In South Africa, we desperately need to manage invasive species, as they do invade pristine flora areas. 


As a result of this unchecked destruction of our flora, beekeepers are pressed to find apiary sites that will give their bees forage all year round. At the same time, the site they choose needs to be secure from both human and animal interaction. This is becoming tougher and tougher.


South Africa imports most of its honey (around 60% from China alone). Therefore, local honey is at a premium. But for how long? Beekeepers need your help like never before! BUT HOW? It truly is simple: PLANT BEE-FRIENDLY PLANTS. And if you remove vegetation make sure to replace it. 


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