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Did you know? An electrolastic charge on the bee's hairs attracts pollen and the leg brushes then scrape pollen from the front to back, where it collects in the pollen basket - a flat and widen area on the rear pair of legs.

Did you know? The proboscis (long tongue) is an airtight, straw-like tube that sucks up nectar and also works in reverse to feed offspring from the honey stomach.

Did you know? Honeybees communicate by performing a series of dance moves. Through the number of turns, duration of the dance and the moves themselves, they can communicate the distance of the food and the direction of the food in relation to the sun.

Did you know? The average lifespan of a queen is three to four years, whilst worker bees may live for a few weeeks in the summer and several months in areas with an extended winter.

Did you know? That is is believed that bees hibernate in winter. Actually the colony creates a winter ecosystem inside the hive and lives off honey with the bees maintaining warmth by working their wings.

Did you know? The oldest known honeybee specimen dates back 100 million years.

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